Tourism Innovation Hub

Tourism Innovation & Incubation Center

Programs that supports early and late stage start-ups with the education, mentorship, tools and resources needed to address business challenges in global aviation and tourism. Get ready to be mentored in an environment that encourages you to work with our innovation leads, subject matter experts and tourism ecosystem partners to inspire, ideate and impact smart, scalable solutions to support your business progressive transformation in the Hospitality industry.

Innovation Packages
Industry Solutions

Tailored for hospitality and tourism industry


Assurance and the delivery of quality tourism experiences.

Tourism Liaison

Linkage of all players in the industry.

Tech Support

Timely technical support on all ICT equipment

Funding / Finances

Assistance in financing necessary for growth.

Busines Assistance

To accelerate change in the tourism industry.

Why Tourism Innovation Hub
Research Facility

The Innovation hub has a research lab to conduct industry specific research, in conjunction with all stakeholders

Resource center

A repository of books, publications, government documentation, laws etc relevant to the tourism industry.

Tourism Innovation Hub
Shared space

Enabling collaboration for different innovators, industry private sector etc by creation of a meeting point.

Networking and Mentorship

Facilitate a know-how for innovator’s unique needs for partnerships, suppliers, and/or sources of capital.

Advantages to Innovators
Platform to co-create the aviation, travel and tourism landscape

The Hub gives early and late stage start-ups access to programs, mentorship from leading organizations and a community of like-minded individuals to launch, grow and scale their start-up.

Reduced barrier to entry

The hub’s environment provides an easy start for innovators by offering affordable office space, access to shared equipment, meeting facilities, and on-site business and technical assistance. This lowers the overhead and operating costs during critical formative years..

Networking and Mentorship

The Innovation lab would facilitate a know-how network to address the innovator’s unique needs for partnerships, suppliers, and/or potential sources of capital.

Increased visibility

The lab would significantly increase visibility and presence of innovators in the market and advance their success potential.

Access to a shared space

A shared space introduces room for collaboration where different innovators, industry private sector etc can come together towards a common goal be it, solving a problem, changing a mindset or simply opening up conversations and seeing where they take them.


An eight week program for late stage start-ups looking to scale their businesses that address key challenges for our principal partners.


An eight week programme for early stage start-ups to move their business through the launch stage.

Idea Lab

A three week program designed specifically for Kenya Nationals with a start-up idea in aviation, travel or tourism.