Tourism Business Quality Certification Services

Tourism Business Quality Certification

Progressive private voluntary and certification system, based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement in liaison with tourism industry stakeholders.

By the enactment of a series of requirements, we offer entities in the industry to design products and services with the aim of  satisfying the current needs of customers and users, without compromising future generations. The certification procedures guarantees an adequate long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of a destination, reporting significant benefits for the entity, society and the environment.

Business Quality Certifications

Specific quality certifications for each type of entity:
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Hotels & Apartment Hotels

Assistance and consultancy for certification for hotel accommodations and apartment hotels.

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Holiday Rentals

Designed for all entities that offer accommodation units in which only the hosting service is offered.

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For entities that offer spaces to camp and/or facilities that, equipped with outdoor accommodation services.

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Tour Operators

Designed for tourist intermediation entities, travel agencies and tourism offices to improve their performance.

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Active Nature Tourism

For providers of recreational experiences, and/or knowledge of nature and sports in tourism.

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Museums & Exhibitors

For entities involved in conservation, research, communication and exhibition. eg history, art, nature etc

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Shops, Outlets & Stores

Entities with a physical space enabled for the sale of goods to the public, such as craft stores, curios etc

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Transporters & Mobility

Providers of services, such as car rental, taxi services, transport lines, cruises or similar.

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Catering Services

Designed for establishments that offer customers meals and beverages to be consumed in the establishment,

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Events & Conventions

For the organization of leisure, cultural, concerts, fairs, festivals, showrooms, seasonal events etc

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Amusement & Theme Parks

For spaces in whose facilities are located a variety of attractions eg Amusement, Theme, Regional Parks

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Entities that offer drinks and/or meals to customers at a cost; such as cafes, tearooms, restaurants, bars or similar