The Tourism Hub provides Innovative Services with an aim to: Inspire and enable the development of product and experiences. Create and transfer market intelligence and capacity. Create and promote empowering policy and programs.

Tourism Innovation Hub
tourism innovation hub

A collaborative co-working space for engaging tourists, consultants, technologists/ innovators, tourism private sector stakeholders and government in problem-solving. To accelerate innovation in the tourism industry.

Tourism Innovation Hub

By the enactment of a series of requirements, we offer entities in the industry to design products and services with the aim of satisfying the current needs of customers and users, without compromising future generations. Get accredited Now.

Upskilling and Resources
A cumulative process to maximize many different opportunities, involving Short-term training. Getting up to date with changes in the hospitality industry. Attending virtual conferences or networking events. Participating in formal feedback sessions
Tourism Innovation Hub

Tourism hub membership is available to Key stakeholders, any business or individual and the community at large  involved in the tourism industry and includes a great range of membership benefits and opportunities.

Tourism Innovation Hub

Encompassing design, development and digital marketing services Tailored for hospitality and tourism industry growing and establishing an online niche. Timely technical support and consultancy on all ICT resources.

Tourism Innovation Hub
Tourist Brand Development

This service creates a new identity for the destination through the development or reconstruction of a tourism brand, taking advantage of the characteristic, strategic and unique aspects of the territory.  

Tourism Innovation Hub
Development of tourist products

Tourism Product Development that improves profitability of tourism entities by increasing the number of products and services available for tourists, the number of visits, length of stay and visitor spending.

Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism

A compilation of personalized actions for each sector that allows achieving the plan designs functions, lines of action, responsibilities, calendars, indicative budgets, follow-up guidelines and success criteria

Diagnosis of a Tourist Destination

Comprehensive sustainability diagnosis of the tourist management of a destination. This includes the analysis of the degree of sustainability of the destination based on benchmarks and standards, for higher ROI.