Tourism Business Accreditation

Tourism Business Accreditation

Business Tourism Accreditation indicates quality assurance and the delivery of quality tourism services. We assist your business to become accredited through set Quality Standards. 

Tourism accreditation helps to improve the quality of tourism businesses and industry standards. Accreditation also gives consumers confidence about the legitimacy and quality of a tourism product, service and the provider. All tourism businesses providing accommodation, attractions, tour, hire or transport need to be accredited to benefit and establish  a niche​.

What Is Tourism Business Accreditation?

Tourism Business accreditation is the process of getting your business assessed and evaluated by Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) is a corporate body established under section 4 of the Tourism Act No.28 of 2011 and is mandated to regulate the tourism sector in Kenya.  In conjunction with all other institutions with related mandates.

Our Role in the Accreditation Process.

Acquisition and validation of all documents  deemed necessary for all Class A to H licenses and liaison with all relevant authorities in lieu of all our clientele.  Linkage to affiliated industry local and international businesses and institutions. Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the object and purpose for your business accreditation.

Benefits of Accreditation

Tourism Accreditation assists your business to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations

Licenses & Permits

Assistance and consultancy to enable the business has all the required license's and permits.

Professional Recognition

Be recognized as a professional, ethical and reliable operator in the Tourism industry..

Complimentary Marketing

Listing on standard and contemporary online platforms / portals designed to drive bookings directly to your business.

Networking & Linkages

Access tourism programs focused on business skills and markets. With peers in the industry; business opportunities and synergies.

Tourism Innovation Hub
In Brief

The Tourism Innovation Hub is a collaborative co-working space for engaging tourists, consultants, technologists/ innovators, tourism private sector stakeholders, academics and government in problem-solving. Purposely to accelerate innovation and change within the tourism industry. Innovation, Business Accreditation, Membership Hub.

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