We improve the competitiveness of the tourism industry in areas of Kenya where natural beauty and cultural capital are some of the few assets at the disposal of the region.

We do this by improving access to impact-oriented investment, accelerating the development of promising solutions and providing targeted assistance to impact funds and social enterprises.

What We Do


Co-invest in Innovative, Scalable & Impactful Solutions

Through our SEA Fund we co-invest with local VCs, Family Offices, Angels, Government Agencies and other organizations in highly scalable platform-based technology solutions that create jobs and promote socio-economic development in the tourism industry of Kenya.


Accelerate the Prototyping & Scaling of High Potential Projects

Through our local-global partnerships with accelerators, incubators and strategic networks in the tourism industry we facilitate the acceleration of high potential projects that align with key areas of strategic development, promoting alignment with key funding sources. 


Provide Targeted Assistance to Impact Aligned Funds & Enterprises

Through our industry-specific approach we focus being the market leader in tourism development through targeted assistance facilities designed to catalyze impact-focused deal flow by integrating industry best practices with pre-investment and investor matchmaking services. 

Active Projects

Safi Services

Safi is one of our Accelerator’s MVPs in development. It was founded on the belief that cleaning services for tourism accommodation providers represent an opportunity to marry capacity building, platform design and reputation systems to empower women of local communities through skill development, strengthening the tourism sector through formal job creation.

Tourism creates jobs, both directly and indirectly.

The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that 3.8 million jobs (including 2.4 million indirect jobs) could be created by the tourism industry in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) alone over the next 10 years. Already, 1 in every 20 jobs in Africa involves tourism and the travel industry. 


Innovation and impact come in a variety of forms. Below are a some examples of key opportunities for shared value creation.

Our Impact Focus

Promotion of Gender Equality

Tourism can empower women in multiple ways. As one of the sectors with the highest share of women employment, tourism can be a tool for women to unlock their potential, helping them to become fully engaged and lead in every aspect of society.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Tourism is one of the driving forces of global economic growth and currently provides for 1 in 11 jobs worldwide. By giving access to decent work opportunities in the tourism sector, all of society –particularly youth and women- benefit.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Tourism relies on good public and privately supplied infrastructure as well as an innovative environment. The sector is critical for providing the incentives for investment in the development of infrastructure for all of society to benefit from.

Responsible Consumption & Production

A tourism sector that adopts sustainable consumption & production practices can play a significant role in accelerating the shift towards sustainability, resulting in enhanced economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Protect, Restore & Promote Life on Land

Sustainable tourism can play a major role, not only in conserving and preserving rich native biodiversity, but also respecting terrestrial ecosystems, owing to its efforts towards the reduction of waste and consumption.


Tourism's Impact is Local & Global

Tourism provides direct and indirect jobs to a wide range of workers. The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that 3.8 million jobs could be created over the next decade by the tourism industry in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Our Resources

HUB Directory & Industry Reports

At our core we aim to improve the overall productivity of the Tourism Sector in Kenya. Our Resources are designed to help facilitate this through a directory of key community stakeholders and industry-specific reports. 

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