Tourism in Kenya

Home to 60 national parks and reserves, a broad offering of cultural and historical attractions and over 500 km of sunny coastline, Kenya has seen its tourism sector rise to become the second-largest foreign exchange earner in the country. 

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Tourism in Kenya

Tourism is a cornerstone of the Kenyan economy.

Tourism triggers the creation of one direct job in Kenya for every eleven visitors received. It also contributes significantly to foreign exchange reserves and GDP of the nation as a whole. Bolstering this industry will require both collaboration and creativity, utilizing key technological innovations and impact strategies to expand product lines, promote marketing strategies, strengthen infrastructure and encourage investment.

Exploring Strategic Development Areas in the Kenyan Tourism Sector -

Culture & Heritage Tourism Development

Cultural and Heritage Tourism represents an under-developed, under-resourced, and under-marketed segment of the Kenyan tourism sector. With 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 42 cultures and countless other heritage tourism products, Culture & Heritage tourism represents an SDA with outstanding socio-economic potential.

Service Platforms in Related & Supporting Industries

Tourism’s microeconomic competitiveness is closely related to the level of development in related and supporting industries. Platforms which aggregate service providers democratize market access for service providers and bring more transparency for consumers creates a win-win dynamic improving the overall competitiveness of the industry. 

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